Vision & Mission

Banamali Mallik Seva Trust (BMST) Recognises the Need to Support and Encourage the Sustainable Development of, Simultaneously, Education and The Environment Distressed Communities Might Become Self-Sustaining Entities While Preserving The Traditional Customs That Hold Them Together.


Banamali Mallik Seva Trust (BMST) Envisions Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Communities World Wide.

We Believe in the Mentality of Wealth Creation in Poor and Full Fill Their Basic Needs and Increase Their Life Through Education, Awareness of Health and Cleanliness, Good Nutrition Rather than Simply Poverty Alleviation So That They Can Make Stand Into Today’s Competitive World and Become Self Dependent.

Wealth Creation Will Require Socially Relevant Entrepreneurship That Ignites and Sustains Local Economies.


Banamali Mallik Seva Trust (BMST) is Organised to Provide Tools For Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability In Distressed Communities.

Where Distressed Communities Include Places Like Low-Income Urban Neighbourhoods and Rural Areas, As Well As Groups, Such As Low Skilled Workers, That Exhibits High Levels of Unemployment or Poverty.

From The Date of Establishment It Focus On The Parts of The Major Ways Like :

  1. By Training and Associating Women Artisans and Business Owners.
  2. By Providing Life Skills Training and After School Activities for Students in Partnership
  3. Sport Events
  4. Relief Camps with Schools in Undeserved Areas