Social Responsibility

Beyond financial inclusion, we have been committed to offer services would help our customers to drive for holistic development. Thus Education, empowerment and emancipation focused program are the fundamentals which predominantly supports the women member development holistically. Primarily Alpine Micro Finance is providing financial inclusive program to its members to bring them out from the poverty. Though their culture, religion and ethnic may be different, the common dictum is poor and poverty. Over last one years, there has been splendid work performed in the field of social development through our initiatives. In order to satisfy the needs of our members, families and non members, initiatives have been made to intensify the growth of targeted communities in terms of their social, economical, educational, cultural, physical and environmental development that has been carried out dynamically.

The company has a strong commitment in delivering various social services through innovative approach that fulfill the needs of the targeted communities. Our objective remains the same to build sustainable communities in the future through achieving holistic development. So it is inevitable and equally important the Alpine wing should closely work to deliver quality outputs to enable sustainable communities at large.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people living in poverty to transform their lives. Our vision is to see millions of people lifted out of poverty permanently.

Banamali Malik Seva Trust believes in the potential of people regardless of their gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation.